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I agree. I actually think Germany is the demoscene and hacking and cracking and general computer geek heaven

But that might be biased, I am from Hannover, currently living in the US. I have to say from my experience, USA just don't have that kind of immense scene. Looking at the releases, cool utilities, cracks, and even those ingenious little windows programs, like dvd copying/drm hacking etc. - these programs are all European and many of them are German.... who cracked the dreamcast for example? Sure wasn't an American...

Even people here in US who think they are, like, the shisnitz computer geeks, really don't compare to even just typical German geeks A typical computer geek in Germany would be considered an absolute uber-geek in US! I mean most here don't even know what an Amiga or Amstrad CPC is It's like most grew up with Atari/NES and PC only. Or other techie stuff, even the most geeky people just don't know it here. They don't know a demoscene exists, there are basically no scene parties.... only thing here are those stupid gaming LAN parties. In addition, there's almost none of those "daily-prices" computer hardware shops that sell OEM hardware. Just Hannover alone has more than a dozen of those, tons of weird people in there all the time buying computer parts or comparing prices...

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