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Originally Posted by Muzkat
Are you still going to put up the entries to the Dream 17 competition held one or two years ago?

My story was a runner up.
Oh, bugger! I'd forgotten all about those! Yep, let me fish them out and I'll put them up. You'll have to remember that the contest was held at a time when the site was written in hard-coded HTML, so it was a bigger pain then to put these things up on the site.

Originally Posted by Killergorilla
The site seems too wide here, I have to scroll horizontally across the screen.

I've never seen the RealVG site before either, really enjoying reading it right now
The site should fit the width of your browser. That's odd. Do feel free to email me a screenshot - squirminator2k at dream17 dot co dot uk.

RealVG is a blast, I love writing for it.
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