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I always considered Space Crusade a great tactical shooter, but its menu is atrocious.

Have you tried these steps?

1. Swapping disks again and pressing fire, or pressing the button?

2. I remember saving my games on a blank save disk. Is it asking for that? Have you tried a blank adf image?

3. I remember being confused about which picture/button to press on the menu screen. Have you chosen your team (Blood Angels/commander with power glove and sword rules), chosen their weaponry, chosen a mission? Only then will the "launch mission" button appear.

4. I remember being confused with the "launch mission" button and the "expansion" button, and the button at the far bottom of the screen which I barely ever noticed. Are you selecting the right one? Launch mission shows the robotic arm grasping onto the ship's hull, expansion button is the one with the doors. Or it could be the other way round.

If my memory serves me correctly.
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