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To be honest I've not come across that problem Retroplay, I've only really started using it properly. I'll certainly be using it a lot more now I've set the screen mode up perfectly. I did play Agony last night for a few minutes before I went out but I didn't get on the high score table. (Died on the third boss)

I also don't boot to workbench, I boot straight in to each game (with each game having it's own hdf with it's own startup-sequence). I'll soon be changing this to have 1 hdf with the startup-sequence on pointing to a 2nd hdf with standard naming of the dir/slave to boot whatever game is in there.

Maybe you could try putting a blank disk in df0? From what I remember DF0:???? means the drive isn't even plugged in/visible to the amiga.

Xbox emulation is pretty much awesome now (for the 16bit era anyway) I'm just waiting for the Zsnexbox guy to sort out the screen resizing options as it's almost impossible to get non-stretched screens.
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