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Originally Posted by killergorilla
Retroplay, do you use whdload to setup your hdfs?

I created a few a while back just to get my brother off my case and because there were only a few I just slapped the kickstarts/whdload.key on each hdf.

Wondered if you had a 'central' hdf with all of the necessary gumph in it and a standard startup-sequence?
Yeah I have a standard ready-to-go hdf I use, but Super Stardust was just too big to fit on it.
Startup-sequence is not altered but I have Edword Pro installed for a quick edit.
Speaking of Super Stardust, I think it's an issue with the 0.8.27 core of WinUAE that's causing the garbled graphics I'm afraid.
Have you noticed that if you boot Workbench from a hdf/folder in WinUAEX it still detects a disk in DF0 as DF0:???? even when there's no disk inserted?
It's really bothering me because it is affecting some WHDLoad games such as Jaguar XJ220 and Agony.
It's impossible to save progress in XJ220 and highscores are not saved in Agony.
I did mention it at XPort's board at Xboxscene, but apparently he's not doing anything to fix it.
Oh well I'll just have to live with it.

I just posted a little reminder at XPort's board regarding the hdf issue.

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