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Well, you may remember I had some issues with ImageFX back in the day. My A2000 is in pretty sick shape these days (I do have a spare, but that and all of my old A500's are still in California). I have a 1084 that likes to just drop to a black screen randomly (then I have to slap it on the side to get it to fade back up again!), my internal floppy is dead (on the motherboard); my external floppy is flaky and requires proper wrist execution for disks to be recognized); I got a new dat drive, but no power supply for it (arrgghh!), my keyboard (only had it for 18 months) just died a few months ago....sheesh!

What I really need to do is to get that other A2000, cut that trace on the motherboard for PAL, put in my 030 card, 3.0 and guru rom, and all of that other stuff...then I can have a healthy version of the A2000 like I used to. Oh, and I need to get another 1084. An A1200 Tower would also be nice.

Looks like I need to go shopping...
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