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Originally Posted by Legerdemain
Well, the only problem is that one has to deal with pixel-aspect-ratio-errors as long as one isn't outputting the screens native resolution. So, either you will get a somewhat blurred picture (or if running via digial input, sharp picture which just looks plain crap). What is there to bother about? some might say, but I am really bothered. The only time I feel its perfect to use TFT/Plasma is when running in that certain screens native resolution... everything else doesn't simply cut it for me (that is also why i prefer CRT-HDTV's instead of Plasma/TFT HDTV's, the CRT-HDTV's do look great even when running lower resolutions than the screens native resolution).
This used to be a problem in the past, but almost all current LCD/PLASMA HDTV's will automatically upconvert any incoming signal to it's native resolution. My DVD player outputs 480i and my panasonic plasma upconverts to 720p. If I feed my HDTV a 1080i/1080p signal, it gets downconverted to 720p. It looks fantastic either way.

Now computer monitors are a different story. They don't upconvert (or downconvert) to their native resolution so you do end up with those blurry edges and blocky looking text because of the aspect ratio issues.

I would like to see two different products.

1) a real flicker fixer/scandoubler to connect an Amiga to computer monitor. I guess I dont care if the input is scart, I can try to find the connector and make a 23pin to scart cable. Or maybe offer one in with the flicker fixer if your really determined to make the input a scart connector. I personally dont see much use in going out of the way making this work for console gaming systems. A DB9 input would be just fine, or just make it plug into the DB23 pin amiga RGB port. It's gotta come out of there at some point.

2) A box that creates a clean 15kHz video signal to connect to modern HDTV's. Amiga RGB in to component out would be excellent, but even S-VIDEO would be helpful.
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