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Originally posted by Twistin' Ghost
Yup. Even if XP can be installed with the 'old school' look, even under the surface is nasty things. I don't like having to 'check in' with Microsoft before I can use my computer. And this is required every several programs you install (why? so they can check it all out and make sure you are not pirating? is this a police state or something?) M$ has no respect for privacy nor personal security, as evidenced by countless security holes (including Denial of Service vulnerabilities in even MS SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 7.0). XP was released with the same security holes, only worse because additionally these holes allowed hackers to completely take over the machine by recognizing peripheral devices (?!). They refer to it as a buffer overflow vulnerability, and it gives any hacker full privileges. How does something like this get out the door and bypass the 'experts' at MS or the beta testers? It took an independant security consultant firm to find it. And I have already ranted in great detail about the IP stack which is a DOS hacker's dream. It just seems everything MS touches is done so irresponsibly and that gets worse with each revision. I won't go back further than W98SE and I shall go nowhere near XP.

XP will ask you to recertify if you change your hardware too much. For example new gfx card, sound card, network card etc. You may even need to call M$ if you have made to many changes. It's hit or miss when this will happen, it depends how many changes you make. Just installing software will not trigger this though. XP will stop the installation of some older drivers sometimes, M$ wants developers to get their drivers approved with Microsoft before release, they are control freaks you know. With the release of XP M$ is trying to wipe out even more third party software developers. CD Burner, DVD playback, IM, streaming video, firewall, photo/jpeg managment, picture editing etc is all included. These are poor M$ versions with less features but many novice users will not buy third party solutions when they have one included even if it is worse. As always M$ promises they will improve it later. I was shocked at how many third part developers M$ steps on with the release of XP, even Kodak & Sony! The worthless Movie Making/Editing program from WinME is still included with no new features worth mentioning. They ripped off the multi-user login feature from Linux as well. Also they try for that pretty candy colored OS look ala MacOS X but flunk, MacOS X looks better. I don't know if many of you know this but Windows XP even includes the old Amiga voice and Say command. You remember, you can type anything you want and the computer repeats it back. Talk about an OS Upgrade to rip everyones ideas off!!!
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