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Originally Posted by StrategyGamer
I love mods but I have some questions before downloading.

Are these just mods taken from Aminet?

Are they mods taken from Exotica?

What is so special about the mods in this Anthology?
It's not just a compilation, but a collection, made by Gryzor a long time ago.
Gryzor was a french mod composer.

But my English is so bad, it's difficult to explain

Here is a text made by Gryzor about this collection.

This is, as far as I know, the biggest Mods' Collection to date!
This is also the cheapest around!

My only leitmotiv when doing this collection was: P-A-S-S-I-O-N !

This has leaded to a high-quality database made, above all, for YOU!
Not to make money, like it was the case, too often, for the previously
released Mods' Collections.

It's a tribute to all the composers, from the old legendary ones till
the newest appeared in "the scene" of computer music and demos.

I have only one thing in mind when it comes to Mods: R-E-S-P-E-C-T
of the composers.

That's why (to repeat some of the characteristics) I made my very best
to contact a maximum of composers, and ask their authorization
to include their work in this collection. It was OBLIGATORY for me!

And I'm glad to see that so many agreed, so happy that, finally, someone
asked them their permission before releasing their work! Yes, many of
them told me so... Thanks to all of you, guys!

. Well, "18000+" modules... Maybe you think "Gosh!! How will I be able to
listen to this all!?" Hehe.. yes, you will need SOME months if you plan
to listen to ALL the mods one after the other ;-)
History of the collection :

3.1. The very beginning.

The beginning of this collection corresponds to my arrival on the Amiga
Scene, for sure. In early '89, I discovered the great capacities of the
Amiga, and I was immediately attracted by the sound side of this great
computer I started composing modules on Soundtracker in '89, and
obviously, I was totally amazed by the modules coming from the demos of
that time (rhhaaa DOC, Wild Copper, Kefrens.... and I started to try
to get the modules out of these demos (like lots of other freaks), just
to be able to play them in my Soundtracker, without being forced to run
the demo.. (and then, learn some new effects and tips, hehe...)

It was the beginning of my Mods Collection.

3.2. The collection grows.

Then, the years passed, tons of demos were released, even more modules
which I -had- to get my hands on! This was more than a passion...

In '92-93, I noticed that many modules were stored in several new and
weird formats in some demos, grmbl! Impossible to listen to them in my
Protracker!? No, noo, noooo! I -had- to do something! So I started to
write some tiny utilities, so called 'converters' which were made to
convert the weird module back to the standard Protracker format, then
I'd be able again to admire these great mods scrolling in my tracker

I can tell you that this converting job was HELL! How many nights spent
in my Hex-viewer, trying to analyze a module, trying to see what is a
note, what is an effect, where was the pattern-table, and so on.....
Well, this is another point, this corresponds to the history of my big
utility "Pro-Wizard", a module-converter grouping together all the
single convert-routines for each weird format. But without any doubt,
Pro-Wizard helped me a lot in making my Collection grow!

But don't think that I was the only one guy, ripping modules like that,
fortunately not, and I got many mods from many contacts and friends.

I kept on collecting like that, for fun, untill summer '95.
Thanks to the arrival of the hard-disks (by the way!) because storing
so many mods on floppy-disks would have been so bloodyyyy...

In summer '95, I think I had got some 8 or 9000 mods in my collection.

Then, with the arrival of the CD-Rom drives here and there, I finally
bought one in September '95, and I guess it gave me the idea of editing
all my Mods Collection on CD. I can't remember having thought about this
before... but.....?

3.3. The last seven months.

In September, I also came back to studies, and got an Internet access.
This also had a great influence for the release of this project.

I started to look for some musicians' Internet addresses, in order to
contact them and ask them if they would agree in letting me include
their mods in the CD-Set. Yes, I wanted to let them know about it.

As far as I remember, I started to ask for permissions at the beginning
of October '95. And just read the next section "4" for further details.

You just have to know that all this "author-contacting" work lasted from
October '95 untill March '96, 6 months of really hard work, believe me!
Around 200 composers contacted, this made hundreds of mails sent and
received, and I was also forced to contact dozens of musicians via
snail-mail (not everyone had got an Inet access). I also contacted all
the French composers (or nearly) via our "Minitel" Network. And I even
went to The Party 5 at Xmas in order to meet some other composers,

In the last month, the 7th one, April '96, I stopped adding mods
to the collection and concentrated on the list- and index-files,
and all the final work (depacking all mods, renaming them...).

Also I must say that I have contacted my editor, Stefan Ossowski,
at the beginning of November '95, and proposed him to edit this huge
collection. At my great surprise, he agreed at once, and here we goooo!


4. Permission asked to the authors.

Let's see this point in detail, yes...

. If I wanted to warn the authors, it's because I know how you feel when
you see some of your own modules on a CD-Rom which you never heard of!

Don't forget that I'm a musician too and this happened to me...

And, another thing, the worst! You're terribly angry when you see, in
your directory, some mistakes! Some mods NOT composed by you!
I hate this, and I think that I'm not the only one.
That's why I made my best to avoid the 'sorting-mistakes'
in the directories of this collection. (Hope I did succeed!?)

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