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Blackjackel6-yes I remember that boxed series well as I too have it (for the Amiga)!!
Sorry to correct you Burseg, but "Hero's of the Lance" WAS part of that boxed set-unless you're referring to it being an arcade title rather than an RPG. For some reason, I didn't mind the Intro pics & music, but that game was terrible.
But it wasn't the only arace game in the set, you'd have to virtually add Hillsfar to that list too.

It wasn't a bad collection, my personal favourites were probably Hillsfar & Curse of the Azure Bonds. I eventually got stuck on Hillsfar, but did mange to be the champion in the arena fights (Not that tough, I know!).
I liked "Curse's" plot of getting rid of the bonds. I think when I 'd eventually gave up I'd managed to get rid of three bonds & was approaching the baddie for the fourth.

Unfortunately, due to floppy drive problems on my A500 & then A600HD, my originals got damaged & had read/arite errors so most of the collection is unuseable now, unless I play them from the beginning!!
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