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Originally Posted by Mad-Matt
Can the router not handle the dns ? ie: set dns to the router IP so any change in actual dns ip will be handled by the router itself.
I have actually no DNS on the modem/router settings but I could add one primary and another secondary DNS on the router settings. dhcp server is running on the modem/router. my FAI have 8 DNS. do you suggest to add 2 of them on the modem/router settings ????

that look like for me making my modem/router static with 2 dns than making my miamidx static by using the 5 dns router of my Provider ???

explaining the problem by another method. dynamic mode here and first connection, I have (database/dns): :my modem/router. : ????

launch ibrowse and click on a site.

I have some blue square on the connect channel and the site start, with sometime blue square but generally, surfing is slower because blue square sometime 'when choosing each new site).

deconnect miamidx and connect again.

this time, I have 2 good DNS from my FAI.

now, all site work immediately and without blue square for channel. next time I use my amiga, the same things :-(

maybe this new explanation give you new idea about the problem.
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