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Originally Posted by T_hairy_bootson
Both options on older and newer cheap TVs. Expensive and newer TVs will have S-Video and RGB and composite. I know composite is inferior to SCART but it just never really caught on here unless you bought a blaunkpunt (not sure on spelling) or another expensive German TV. Even the 1084 monitors sold here didnt have the scart connectors in them.
I have a few 1084's with SCART. Plus I've made sure that the last 3 tv's I've bought have had at least 1 SCART socket. The last one was only last week, and I'm yet to plug an amiga into any of them...

I've used the scart for my old original psx, plus a couple of sat decoder boxes I use have scart outputs as does my digital tv-hdd recorder

Will the amiga plug into the rgb connectors (9 pin???) on some tv's and projectors???? I've never thought of that.
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