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old problem with miamidx on my amiga classic


I have a verry long problem with my amiga classic when I try to connect my amiga with miamidx.

I'm using a mediator with a PCI fastethernet card, connected to a modem/router bewan ADSL600 with a slow ADSL 512k connection. PPPOE is used on the modem/router bewan, there is just an ethernet setting and a connection settings on miamiDX.

I'm using miamiDX with:

- IP, mask, gateway in DHCP.
- hardware ether on pri 10.
- gateway with pri 10.
- ask server a dynamic host name: verify&add.
- give a dynamic host name, pri 0.

on database, I have added the DNS, if I must use internet in static mode, just in case. I could use static mode in one second by just move settings for IP, mask, gateway to STATIC.

The problem:

The first time I connect miamiDX to internet, there is no the 2 dns added on database. I can't receive something. I launch Ibrowse and try to access an internet page, not work. stop ibrowse. disconnct miamidx and reconenect and this time the 2 DHCP DNS is well on database !!!!!! (and thats kill me :-(

at this point, all work well (surfing or mail) untill I switch off my amiga.

I don't know where is the problem (settings on modem, setings on miamiDX or bugs, things I don't know). if you have some idea, please help me.
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