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1996 only 150 entries on HOL :(

So here we are choosing a game that defines the amiga in 1996...

well there are several areas to consider so I have choosen a couple and I hope to explain my thoughts on this...

first up is

Shareware Freeware Honourables for 1996!

Aerial Racers
Battle Craft
Breed 96

out of these I felt that Battle craft really captured something in 96, what with blizzards warcraft and starcraft this seemed to have that same something.

Commercial releases

The Chaos Engine 2
Slam Tilt
SuperStreetFighter 2 Turbo

From here I reason out a game that pushes the limmits with gameplay / graphics and playability and in this one it has to be SlamTilt!

If only they had released it!

Evils Doom

Its one I would most certainly owned, bringing back the dungeon crawler with slick AGA graphics blended with real speach and cd atmospheric music... mmm if only....

Worst Game Contenders for 1996

Pinball Prelude

funny.... i couldn`t find another contender... well atleast pinball prelude one something by default....

so here it is...

for 1996 the game that defines the Amiga

Slam Tilt
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