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Amiga Hall of Fame 1996 Nominations

Amiga Hall of Fame 1996 Nominations. I haven’t don’t a hall of fame post in almost a year, lots has happened to keep me busy but now I have time to start these up again. For those people who are new to EAB I have put together a list of previous winners;

Previous Winners:
85/86: Defender of the Crown
87: Arkanoid
88: IK+
89: Elite
1980’s Winner was: IK+ (just a bit of fun that poll)

90: Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe
91: Turrican II
92: Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge
93: Cannon Fodder
94: Sensible World of Soccer
95: Worms!

Again please be nice and keep you nominations to a MAXIMUM of 10 per person, although I don’t think many people will find that many to nominate. You can do an advanced search on HOL for games released in 1996 if you need a list or use the link below.

HOL 1996

BEWARE, re-releases and aga/cd32 versions of older games do not count as new games for 1996 and are therefore not eligible for entry. Unless they have been both altered by a large amount and you can convince the rest of us to allow it in. Therefore SWOS 95/96 would not be considered a new game.

I’ll let this run about a week or until it looks like it done, then I’ll create the poll for the vote. So off you go…

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