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Originally Posted by chain
also you cant beat picture quality of internal scandoubler
AFAIK external scan doublers are exactly the same hardware as internal ones. The internal ones just get the signal before being routed to the 23-pin connector. It makes them more "aesthetically" pleasing for use in towers but are functionally the same.

Originally Posted by Legerdemain
would be seriously interested (read: most certainly buy one)... but ONLY as long as the scandoubler offers 24-bit
No "cheap" scandoubler can offer 24-bit I fear. All the existing silicon I've seen is for the TV market and uses a 16-bit (565) input which is more than good enough for analogue TV. A custom solution would be prohibitively expensive. Unless someone can find one that does 24-bits?

Originally Posted by T_hairy_bootson
Economics dictate that it should be made for a wider market than just Amiga to increase the number of sales to the point at which it is possible to cover the R&D + Manufacturing costs whilst keeping the price low.

Originally Posted by T_hairy_bootson
I want a scandoubler for the amiga only

Originally Posted by T_hairy_bootson
I have a RGB to scart connector but others outside of Europe will not
They could buy one, or one could be included.
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