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Originally Posted by Mick_AKA
As I mentioned somewhere else and has already been mentioned here, you can pick up a 15" LCD/TFT nowadays that will scandouble/flickerfix for under 75 euro, the outlandish prices associated with scandoublers/flickerfixers are just totally unjustified when almost every TFT, LCD and Plasma on the market can do the job.
Well, the only problem is that one has to deal with pixel-aspect-ratio-errors as long as one isn't outputting the screens native resolution. So, either you will get a somewhat blurred picture (or if running via digial input, sharp picture which just looks plain crap). What is there to bother about? some might say, but I am really bothered. The only time I feel its perfect to use TFT/Plasma is when running in that certain screens native resolution... everything else doesn't simply cut it for me (that is also why i prefer CRT-HDTV's instead of Plasma/TFT HDTV's, the CRT-HDTV's do look great even when running lower resolutions than the screens native resolution).
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