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Archiver means that it can bring together multiple files (and directories) into one file before compression and put them back on decompression.
With that line alone I feel like you're playing me like a complete dumbass. thanks.

I was under the impression that all zip archivers followed the similar algorythm, possibly in a different way, so all zip archivers basically created the similar file in the end which was portable as to speak. Obviously you cant open LHA files using pkunzip or whatever, I just thought all Zip files followed the same type.

As I said before, PKzip/ PKUnzip command lines were released on the PC, and pretty much set the standard for ZIP on the PC (Winzip just followed that as a Win32 executable / GUI) ... but if for the Amiga PKUnzip made a different format, as you said... fair enough.

heres another cheer for the people who get on off on knowing more than other people and rubbing it in their faces. hope you had a good one
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