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attempt to name ALL gamez i've completed

well here goes,

police quest
police quest 2
kings quest2
kings quest 4
kings quest 6
space quest
space quest 2
space quest 3
space quest 4
benneath a steel sky
simon the sorceror
the secret of monkey island
monkey island 2
indiana jones and the fate of atlantis
conquests of the longbow (robin hood)
conquests of camelot
the chaos engine

shit gotta go look at my games again!

indiana jones and the last crusade (graphic adventure)
maniac mansion
zak mckracken and the alien mind benders
street fighter 2
mortal kombat 2
lotus 2
lotus 3
alien breed (no i think i cheated on that one )

then we start to go into my... well *cough*copies*cough*
*glances over his crate loads of disks*
fuck that shit i aint going through that lot
i named the ones i could remember, as you can see most are graphic adventures which i've finished several times so they were easy to remember.
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