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Yesterday I bought a new 512MB CF card and it took me several hours to get it working. The main problem was transfering the drivers to Amiga.

I had to know where is the problem, 'couse it could be the CF card itself. I bought Apacer 512Mb for 12€.

At first I used 720kb floppies, but the filenames would change between PC and Amiga. Renaming them back wasn't successful. Then I tried to get it working in WinUAE (to install the drivers) and to archive files to floppy and decompress it on Amiga.

I tried LHA, but I didn't have LHA program on Amiga Then I zipped the files and also copied only UNZIP file from ClassicWB that I configured in WinUAE. I wanted to use the install version of CF drivers and FAT95 (Zer0 has a link to ADF image). And it still didn't work!? I tried to do it manually before with no success.

At last I compared directories on WinUAE and my Amiga. Copied the files inserted PCMCIA CF card and I couldn't belive it... it worked!!

This was around 3AM. Then I wanted to transfer the configured ClassicWB to my Amiga. That was succesfully finished at around 6AM. Then I went to bed for 2 hours and now Im at work

In the mean time I even opened the box and tried to connect the Amiga HDD to PC - I have 2.5" to 3.5" adapter. But I couldn't figure it out how to get HDD out of the box!? There are no screws!? Maybe on the bottom side, but how to get to it? Do I have to take out the motherboard?

This is really wierd?

How do I disconnect/replace Amiga HDD?

In SYSspeed it says I have a SCSI hard disk... is this possible?

What is the best tool to repartition the HDD? Mine is 540MB and it has one 30Mb and the rest. I would like to have DH0 around 100Mb - I can't install ClassicWB Full, just barrely the Light one.

Maybe some other filesystem would be better?

I am planning on buying at least 4Gb 2.5" hdd, but at 1st I have to know how to replace it.

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