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Finally got myself an Amiga 1200

Its in a good condition. It could be better but its ok. Otherwise no yellowing.

The HDD is added, so it has an IDE splitter and one port is free. HDD is "only" 520Mb that I intend to replace with a 4GB one. Expansion board is M-tek one with 020 CPU @ 28MHz, FPU and MMU. It has "only" 4MB SIMM. ROM is 3.1.

I will use only TV modulator because I want to connect it via Winfast TV on my PC to 21" monitor. Hope it works OK

I also got around 100 DD floppies, 3 joysticks, 1 mouse, 2 TV cables.

The final price was 60€.

Then I bought that PCMCIA CompactFlash card for 8€.

Now Im looking for a CF card - around 512MB or 1GB (what would be the MAX size of CF card?) and a larger HDD.

Can you split larger HDD to smaller partitions and use more then 4GB overall? Or should I just buy a 4GB hdd and thats it?

What about that PCMCIA CF adapter, can i use it like a HDD to run games off of it?

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