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TP is no longer a great scene party. It became a 100% commercial event and don't has much to do with the demoscene any longer (4000 visitors: ~200 sceners, ~3800 gamers, this is sh**). Read Sobecs' TP review at

Look at the releases this year. 99,9% of them aren't worth watching, listening, viewing... Only 2 good demos, one "ok" 64k. The rest was crap. And there was NO Amiga production! I don't want to say anything about the music compos...

With every year, less entries are submitted and most is of horrible quality. Not many real sceners are travelling to TP any longer. I'm really disappointed. Where are the days where minblasting productions like Nexus 7 have been released at this event, where many big names in the scene contributed...

TP is dead... Visit and contribute to ASM, Mekka&Symposium or smaller events, where you can still feel the spirit of the scene.
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