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Originally Posted by rsn8887
I'd say Swiv, Banshee AGA, and Battle Squadron.
I have really tried my best to love Banshee... and in certain ways I do; the graphics are amongst the best ever in any Amiga SHMUP, rivaling the likes of classics like DonPachi and Gunbird... but the levels are just uninspired... I just don't get it why european SHMUPs has to lack originality and innovation when it comes to the design of the levels and game play in general... instead they offer long and repeative levels without anything out of the ordinary happening along the way... it almost feels like waking up from a slumber when those big bosses makes their appearance. Had the levels been shorter and the weaponry a bit more intense... I would be in heaven... (and a soundtrack to be played during the levels wouldn't have hurt either). Z-Out and Apydia does levels better than Banshee... but instead they lack the charm of the graphics found in Banshee...

All of them good games, thankfully and anyways... but not perfect...
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