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Some Amiga game questions...

It's good to be back on these boards!

Someone put up some T-Zero footage when I was on here a while back, and I just wonder if there was anymore put up since? I have asked on the Recorded Amiga Games site for footage of this game, but no replies so far.

Also, how would you rate Xenon and Xenon 2 on the Amiga? I have played the Mega Drive port of Xenon 2, and it's pretty good-as is the Game Boy port! The SMS port is REALLY slow, which is dissapointing.

Still thinking about getting an Amiga, but I am in the process of trying to sell one of my consoles. My 7800 and SMS aren't going anywhere!

I LOVE the Recorded Amiga Games site! I downloaded a longplay of "It Came From the Desert", and loved it! What a great old point and click adventure! And King's Quest-awesome old schoolness!
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