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Ah ok. I saw one your screenshots and I thought the Work partition had the floppy disk logo. Usually when you install WB to HD you get a different icon and it won't ask for Storage and other WB disks anymore.

Anyway, I recommend you use the program SnoopDOS like I said before. It will tell you what files it tries to find when asking for a volume. That way you can find out if you have the file and when you do you can make the necessary assign to point the system to the right drawer.

To make the Assign command more clear here's another example:

Imagine the system looks for file "xxx" when you open one of your utils. It can't find it so it requests the volume (probably the CD you don't have anymore) it originally was installed onto. So you get a request to insert the said volume.

If you have the file you can point the system to the drawer the file is in. Like this:

Assign Volume: (this should be the volume that the system requests) Work:x/x/ (this should be the drawer where the file is that the program needs)

Hope this helps!

When you get the assign right you can then add to you startup-sequence or user-startup.
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