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Originally posted by Twistin' Ghost
This latest hole is just the newest; I suspect there will be more. And that very firm that discovered it had reported the issue to M$ long before XP was released, but as usual, M$ did not care,
They do care, but they prefer people to keep their mouths shut, so that "malignant characters would not be able to abuse the discovery". I say b*ll*cks to that, they should release a secure product, and not blame others when something goes a-miss. I think the problem with MS is that it's too big (a problem some other companies suffer of as well). How can you otherwise explain that the team working on, say, MS Word, is using undocumented API functionalities, so that, when the API's get upgraded (by another team), WinWord is broken? In my opinion, it's impossible to have a 100% clear communication within a mastodontic company (heck, I work in a team of 5, and even in so small a team there are communication failures).
Also, as I said to someone yesterday when I had to reinstall Win98 for the umptieth time: if this PC was another tool (say, a microwave), I would've thrown it out of the window already.
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