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But even if I could make XP look and taste just like W98, there's still the flow of security issues that keep cropping up. This latest hole is just the newest; I suspect there will be more. And that very firm that discovered it had reported the issue to M$ long before XP was released, but as usual, M$ did not care, anymore than their IP stack issue that was reported by other security experts. It just seems that M$ thrives on security holes and privacy intrusions, so each new OS seems to chide away another layer of that and disguises it with added features, speed, compatibility, etc.

Nor would I buy a car from a manufacturer with a reputation for shoddy work and unsafe design issues. I don't doubt that there are some improvements in XP, but all of them I can live without. And I certainly don't want M$ taking over in areas of virus protection and CD burning software (and God knows what other franchise they are trying to squash this season...)
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