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Hear Hear for the comments of Exodus & co. re WinUAE/Win9x/Xp etc.!!
Despite all the hype that some people have been spouting for Win2K to run WinUAE,& Win9x is "dead" etc.,Win2K is not designed with older gaming in mind.
I'm glad WinUAE's coders are finally looking at addressing the sound issues.
From what I read elsewhere on another thread, they dropped the sound system from the best WinUAE 08.8r8 (For Win9x systems),apparently because the UAE coder responsible for it had left the project & noone else knew how to use it.

As for the Winfellow vs. WinUAE arguements-I don't use WinFellow as a general rule, but at least they seem to be working on getting a decent fully functioning OCS/ECS emulator done first.
I think I'd rather see a "finished" (ie: largley gaming etc. compatible),non-aga version done first then worry about an aga-based version later.

As for XP,whilst many older systems can run it, surely it's more optimum to use it with new systems,(P4 or Athlon/Duron etc.). Look at the no. of "legacy driver" & program issues that seem to be part of XP.
I'd suggest a DOS or legacy type programe for XP would help,but I'd imagine MS would squash any DOS emulator!
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