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PSPUAE needs beta Testers!

taken from my own post on sorry!

ok guys, here's the score.

Very few of our old beta-testers have bothered to submit any kind of bug-reports, expecially during the hectic pre-0.62 release period, where we had over 10 betas overall, and could really have used bug-reports by more than just the one or two of us that were making the effort.

So, we have revoked most of the beta-testing rights given to some of our users, with a few obvious exceptions.

Sorry guys, but if we were happy to not get feedback, we'd make the betas public.... however, we prefer to keep beta's private, to ensure a more quality piece of work for each of our users with each release, and less chances of obvious / repeated feedback.

What we are proposing then, is an open-submission system for beta-tester status. If you could inform us publicly (PM's regarding the matter will be ignored) via of why you think you should be in the running for one of the 6 or so beta-tester status rights, we will take your offer into consideration.

Please bare in mind the kind of things which would make you a suitable tester; maybe your level of amiga understanding is particuarly high, perhaps you are running pspuae via HEN and realise that we require testers with as many different homebrew-enabled PSP as possible, or perhaps you have previous experience beta-testing other emulators....

if you think you should be a tester - you must have your reasons. Let us know what they are, and we will take all serious offers into consideration.

Good Luck guys, and i look forward to seeing the lucky few "on the other side!"

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