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The fact remains though that XP is the best version of windows you can buy (Even though that's not saying much), even with all the problems that do exist it's still better than Windows 9x & 2000.

I dislike M$ as much as anyone, but XP is far better than there usual crap.

Most people I know with systems better than the minimum spec (ie >500mhz and at least 128 mb) all agree.

I'm in no way trying to tell anyone to upgrade, that's their choice not mine.


Norton Makes a set of boot disk's for XP, the same way it does for all the other Windows versions, I imagine most other Antivirus software will do as well.

About WinUAE, it runs fine for me, maybe it's depends on the power of your system, I have three computers here at present, one a 366 celeron (crap sound, but I can make it sound better just by moving the various sliders, which do work), a 750 mhz Athlon and 1800 Athlon XP on both of those it sounds fine.

Comparing (Win)Fellow, with (Win)UAE is unfair to both emu's, Fellow has been designed for speed whereas UAE has been designed for complete compatability (And it's getting there, slowly, but surely), who knows, when/if the (Win)Fellow people start adding features like AGA and other things it's missing over UAE, it might become as unstable as previous (Win)UAE's were.

For me, I just have the latest version of both emu's installed, I don't have any problems with either of them. (Yes that means no system crippling crashes)
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