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Originally Posted by vroom6sri
DamienD - Cheers for the help. I'll try again. But how does MAME32 know where to access the downloaded (parent) version of Robocop? I get the impression that it's trying to access the files from the Internet each time I select that title from the list??!!!
MAME32 definitely doesn't try to access files from the Internet. Here's a very quick guide for setting up / running MAME32:

... Download MAME32.
... Download the parent roms you want to you want play.
... Extract Mame32 to the root of your Local Drive (C). This will create a directory C:\MAME32.
... Copy all parent roms to the directory C:\MAME32\roms.
... Start MAME32 by double-clicking on C:\MAME32\Mame32.exe.
... Let MAME32 search for available games, once complete select View --> Custom Filters, tick Unavailable and click OK.
... Select Options... --> Inferface Options... and then untick Search for new games on start and click OK.
... Exit and restart MAME32. You should now see only the games that you've added to the C:\MAME32\roms directory.
... Double-click on a game to run it.

Note: after adding new games into the C:\MAME32\roms directory, in order for MAME32 to add them into your available list press <F5> to run a search / audit.

A suggestion, I think that scanlines make the games look better. In order to turn on scanlines, do the following:

... Select Option... --> Default Game Options...
... On the Display tab from under Effects, tick Use scanlines and change None to 25% scanline.
... Click OK.

Hope this helps, if not let me know by PM and I'll assist you more
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