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The thing is with Macrohard is that when they released WinNT to everybody, it was unstable most of the time. It could crash when you least expected. Because of this, MH released at least 5 service packs on their web site. Each service pack users had to install turn out to be more unstable than the last. So when users complained about the instability in SP1, they made SP2. When users complained about that, they released SP3, etc. etc. The point I'm trying to make is they will never make its OS stable. Now I wonder how many SPs they will make for XP.

Apart from this, ever since WinME was released, they continue to copy other people's work, and possibly got sued. Windows Media Player is now just a carbon copy of RealPlayer , just as Windows Movie Maker is a carbon copy of iMovie.

You're right. Codepoet should be congratulated on the excellent work they've done. If they kept going on like this, every piece of Amiga hardware would be completed by the next release. I also have WinFellow, but I don't use it as much. By the way, how long is i until we have a new release? The emulator is so far behnd WinUAE. It has no AGA support, save state support, or CD32/CDTV emulation. I like to see those things get implemented in the next release.
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