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How could I miss this!

Great stuff! Amiga ruled all the PC stuff out! And hardware-wise, the Amiga was *obviously* inferior.

It's not about the capabilities of a machine, it's what you can squeeze out of it!! (e. g. Oxyron & Crest showed them big time in 2000 what the C64 CAN do when he's programmed the right way! (and DeeKay is at the pixels ))

Ah, and the music by Olof Gustafsson! Yes, THAT Olof Gustafsson aka Blaizer/TSL who did all those shiny tunes for the 21st Century Pinball trilogy!

One thing about Fairlight (et. al.) : is this meant as "fuckings to Fairlight" that they cause the Mech to smash in the Fairlight letters?

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