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Just a final update before the first public release.

I've managed to add support for zipped ADFs.

If the archived image fits onto a 720kb floppy and you've got 1mb of memory installed you'll be able to unpack it straight to the disk.

A combination of two programs makes this possible. funzip and flat-handler. The first is a very simple program that takes a single file packed with zip and unzips it to stdout. All you have to do then is redirect it to a device that gives you RAW access to the floppy drive(no file systems just the 80 tracks). Flat does exactly that. This what you type in a shell:

funzip >flat:df0

This is *VERY* memory efficient. With Zshell, fat95 filesystem, messydisk.device, flat-handler and funzip(resident) in memory you can transfer the contents of a 720kb file without problems.

I'm REALLY happy with this. Works a treat.
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