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Thinking of selling my A4000's ...

Hi there

I don't know if this is the right place to post this so forgive me if it isn't (I did not want to place it in the market place section as it is not a definite "for sale" link yet).

I need to raise some funds and am thinking about selling my Amiga collection. I was wondering if anyone could give me an idea of what would be a fair price? I have ....

A4000/030 with Cyberstorm 040 accelerator, scsi card with 64meg ram. It also has a Picasso IV graphics card. There is a Commodore 1942 monitor with it and original keyboard and lots of software installed as well as original discs, even vidiAmiga. The whole lot is original and in original boxes and packing, with all manuals.

Then there is another A4000/030 with keyboard and monitor - can't recall the model number but I can easily check. I know I have one mulit-sync (is that the 1942 mentioned above?) and one bog-standard Commodore monitor. Again all original and all fully boxed with original packing. The nice thing about this machine is that it has not been opened up to modify it. By that I mean it still has the warrantly seal sticker on the back of it over one of the screws.

I have a brand new, never used Towered Amiga 1200. This is the Amiga Magic pack machine with the 3.1 Roms. The tower is an Eyetech tower but it is the early one, not the later squarer tower that allowed for Z4 expansion (or was it Z3?). With this machine there is the original Amiga Magic box with all software and manuals that came with it. It has the Keyboard mod as supplied by Eyetech and the keyboard itself. All brand spanking new and untouched by human hands. I also bought an Apollo 040 board from Eyetech (think they rated it at 28MIPS) which is unused, boxed, brand new etc, and a hard disk drive. I think it is a Seagate drive and would be miniscule by today's standards but again, brand new.

Then I have another Amiga 1200 Magic Pack which again is brand new and unopend. Literally. I bought it from Power Computing and it is still in the box with the Power Computing tape sealing it. No hard drive though - just the standard 1200, but like you just bought it brand new.

Finally I have a used Amiga 1200 Computer Combat pack. Excellent condition and fullly boxed with all original bits. Yes, I actually DID use this machine (but not much).

I also have a C64 bull-nose with 1541 disk drive (both boxed and complete) - is this worth anything?

If anyone can give me an idea of value I would really appreciate it as I need a guideline if I am going to sell it all. Sorry if this is not the done thing (to sell Amiga kit) but I may well have to to raise funds.

Thank you in advance for your help!!!

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