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Well I made another longplay of Shadow of the Beast.. the Atari Lynx (handheld system) as was requested in this thread.

This version is probably the easiest of the Beast 1 ports.. I recorded it the fourth time I played the game (never played it before, it's that easy).

It's a very fun port though.. in some ways I think it's even better than the Amiga version. And it's pretty different too, it has more in common with the SNES version actually but it's very different from that one too.

There is an annoying framerate counter in the corner of the screen though.. I didn't think the program would record that
First time I used that program as FRAPS wouldn't record from that emulator.
It's not too annoying though, you get used to it.

Here are the clips (as usual in 3 parts due to Youtubes 10 min limit) -

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