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What would you pay "100k a yr" to do exactly? And for how many years?

Don't underestimate the task you're taking on. HOL, LemonAmiga and other retro system sites have been building their databases (see?) for years with the help of interested and generous people in the respective communities. IMHO it's too much for one person to take on and, frankly, you're insane if you intend to build each page manually (or if you're not now, you will be afterwards )

What's so unprofessional about HOL or Lemon anyway ? I'd be proud if they were mine and I've built some serious commercial web sites & applications in my time.

I don't mean to be down on your plans - by all means go ahead and build your super game database (there's that word again) site and good luck with it - but you've gone about this the wrong way offering tons of future cash and set off the sceptical alarms. TBH I wasn't sure if your post was spam or not! If you'd just said "hey guys ... new romz site ... need help" it would have gone over a lot better.


So you're looking for help making a multi-system game database site like HOL, with community forums & features like Lemon, and with the abillity to download the games? Shouldn't be too hard from a coding perspective but you'll need to work out in more detail what you need the site to do before anyone can commit to working on it.

If money is no object you could always get it built by freelancers that you pay There are sites you can go to hire them...
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