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Heys oRBIT,

Interesting project a c2p based platformer...

there shouldn`t be any real problem if you are basing the project in about 4-8MB of fast ram other than speed to the custom chips ( not an issue if you are aiming to use on an rtg graphics card ) you will be locked to only 1 256 colour palette per screen/frame but i am sure you are aware of that.

lumping screen data from fast-ram chunky to planner will be dependent on processor (and nippy c2p code i recon you could get away with 320x200x256 on an 020 with 4-8MB, it wont be pretty though.... slow-down a lot if you start translating/rotating and scaling.

An 030 platform might be a better a solution as mentioned before, you will miss out some of the special effects like Bobs, Gels and sprites. but i am sure that with a clever tack such using them with a static first 16 colours in the 256 pallet for things such as laser beams or somnik should be able to include them some how....
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