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Yeah, I use two PC's at work, one with W98 and one with W2k. The software I use (Quark Xpress, Adobe Photoshop, ACDSee, CuteFTP, etc.) all perform more stable under 98 than 2000 (under W2k, the crashes are far more frequent and the OS appears to be more resource hungry). Plus I hate the way they have complicated things that were once simple (like the Find command...sheesh!) and if you aren't looged on as administrator, you can't install anything but screen savers (the virus guys were at least left with an option, right?)...heck, I can't even mess with the calendar (often I need to check what day of the week a date falls on past or present and normally I do so by double-clicking the time from the tray, but only admins are allowed this in W2k!)

And Friday I got to actually 'hands-on' try XP for the first time. That has got to be the gaudiest, ugliest, faggiest, dumbed-down OS I have ever laid eyes on. Nothing could ever make me install such a tacky, garish OS on my own machine and thankfully, my employer feels the same way, so I won't have to use this at work either. It looks and feels like a kiddie web site. I was with a friend who normally defends Micro$oft, but we were both laughing hysterically in the Best Buy aisle at this atrocity.

Off-topic, but I also saw a side-by-side compare of X-Box with its competitors and, as expected, X-Box loses. But I see people drooling its way, so it seems M$ have marketed their way into the console scene even with all of the crashes and high pricetag. (sigh) At least I can say I saw their latest and know they are cack.

Sorry about these topics straying into new territory...if there are any responses to this, please do so in another thread...I just wanted to say that I won't update to W2K or XP even for WinUAE.
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