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Romulators!!! New Web-site...

Hi pple,

Starting a new web-site called 'Romulators 'The Future of Emulation''

The web-site address is only temp for now just to get something going.

It will cover all old computers and consoles it will be along the lines of lemonamiga and hall of light professionally.

It will include roms as well.

Should b something online within a week.

Also i need pple to help me with i need graphics designers, site designers pple who can do php CGI etc.

In 1/2 yrs money will be no object but to start off with I just want pple who want to help and work on the site etc. for free i`ll pay u 100k a yr in about 1/2 yrs i`ll be able to but untill then i need pple who want to help etc. if your interested and/or want to know more about the site can you post and ask pls.

My icq: 195684780


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