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I have not voted & can't recall posting, so here goes.

Had 2x A500s, but they gave me the sh*ts and got sold on eBay.

I've now got a towerised A600 (external connectors not finished yet, due to me being lazy ).
It's very basic so far and has:
2.05/3.1 Kickstart switch/ROMs,
2x internal FDDs,
Switch to turn DF1 off when the noise becomes annoying and to preserve it when not required,
CF card and laptop-style 44 pin IDE adaptor for HDD,
PC keyboard adaptor,
Planning on installing a CD day
I'd like a RAM expansion, but they seem pretty hard to find & expensive for 600s, but once I get one I think that'll be enough for me.

Additionally, I have a regular "keyboard" A600 with 3.1 ROM and CF card for HDD installed, but still waiting on the floppy drive from overseas (set up the CF in tower and then transferred to A600 due to lack of installed FDD to do it in place).

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