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Retro Gamer Issue 34 now available

The Definitive Xevious
Stuart Campbell continues his definitive journey, this time it's one of Namco's earliest franchises

The Making of The Last Ninja
Mark Cale and John Twiddy discuss the difficulties of creating one of System 3's most successful games

The Classic Game - Donkey Kong Country
Retro Gamer decides to revisit one of the greatest 16-bit platformers of all time

The Big Article - Gaming Illuminati
John Szczepaniak goes deep undercover and discovers a new side of the videogame industry

Retroinspection - Sega Saturn
Forget the cynics, Sega's Saturn was one of the best 32-bit consoles ever made. Here's why.

The Making of - Dungeon Master
Dungeon Master was one of FTL's most successful games and spawned a host of copycat imitators. Creator, Doug Bell, reveals every aspect of its fascinating creation.

The Making of - The Secret of Monkey Island
Retro Gamer looks back at the making of one of LucasArt's funniest point-and-click adventures.

Why you must play - Panzer Dragoon Saga
It's one of the greatest RPGs ever made, yet hardly anyone bought it. Time to discover it for yourselves…

The Making of - Head Over Heels
Jon Ritman takes time out to talk to Retro Gamer about his amazing isometric adventure.

And much more including,
Double Dragon
Ranger X
Prehistoric Isle
Metal Slug 1st Mission

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