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Originally Posted by alexh
On your webpage I suggest you include information about the various tools you can use under WindowsXP to "give back" parallel port access to programs written for DOS/Win9x.


The special 8-wire parallel port cables for PC2Amiga were blisteringly fast if you had a fast enough CPU at each end.
I'm using UserPort for that and it'll be included in the archive as well as a freeDos boot floppy with programs that require DOS to run (twinexpress, tequila) and ntfs4dos that enables you to access ntfs formatted drives from DOS (as long as they're IDE or SATA in IDE mode).

I'm starting on the docs right now so the whole archive(for beta-testers) should be ready sometime this evening/night

Paradise is also FAAAST. I mean an ADF file from a PC straight onto a floppy in 1m 32s on a 7mhz machine?!?!!? Now that's one fine piece of coding
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