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Just a quick update:
Due to the approaching exam session, BA diploma etc. the work on Hombre has slowed down somewhat. The first public version will be released by the end of this week(Friday/Saturday).

On the plus side:
I've finally decided on the software that will be included in the package. (So many nice proggies but a floppy is not made out of rubber and I wanted to avoid crunching executable files for speed's sake)

Managed to get fat95 working without it crashing when copying files (the stack size in the mountlist was too low). So now we can all enjoy LONG NAMES on FAT formatted floppies

Figured out a way to benchmark the various ways of transferring ADFs/files. (You gotta love benchmarks )

The project will have a web page with all the details/docs and files. (the link will be posted when Hombre is released)

I'm looking for people who want to test the package before its public release. So if you got:
- an a500 with kick 1.3, 0,5/1mb memory, an extra drive would come in handy
- experience using shell under 1.3 version of the OS (if you know what things like 'type >>devs:mountlist ram:fat95mountlist', 'copy :libs/xpk#? ram:libs/' mean you won't feel lost )
- extensive knowledge of the OS is welcomed (using memory monitors, debuggers, stack snoopers etc. and generally feeling comfortable with the various inner workings of the AmigaOS)
- A PC with serial and parallel ports capable of running the latest version of WinUAE with ClassicWB installed
- null-modem cable
- a cable to use with paradise(check out aminet for details)
- some time to spare

PM me after the weekned and I'll get back to you with a link to the adf file plus some docs.

Because English is not my native language I will need some help with editing the docs so any help appreciated. (OK, I've got a couple certificates that apparently prove that I'm a proficient speaker of the language and make a living by teaching it to completely bewildered and confused students in private language schools , but still...)

Stay tuned...
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