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Originally Posted by gizmomelb
Another good move would be to port the Minimig to an universal FPGA board. The C-One comes to mind but the FPGA's of the C-One are probably too small. The TREX C1 seems a good alternative. If one would design a simple daughterboard for the expansion slot containing the 68000 and some joystick ports, a Minimig can be built.
An S3-1000 FPGA sould be able to handle the Mini-Mig , plus a 68000 in VHDL.

There is a similar such project for the Atari-ST at:
which has the 68000 in the FPGA aswell.
The 68k is still a bit preliminary, but it is coming along.

As soon as minimig is released, I wouldn't mind trying to get it running with this 68k core.

By the way, Digilent make several boards with S3-1000 variants.
A Cyclone2-35 may be sufficient if you prefer Altera.

If you bought their Nexys with a S3-1000, PS2 interface, VGA interface, the whole thing would cost you less than $150US. All that would be required is to build a simple Joystick/mouse interface.
You could of course, add a second PS2 interface and use a PC mouse instead.

Either way, it looks like a fun project.

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