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A1200 020 at 28 mhz with 8MB Fast Ram, 540 MB HD
A1200 030 at 40 mhz with 8MB Fast Ram, 2 GB HD
1 Archos Overdrive (CD-Rom)
2 1084 S monitors
2 external drives
1 handscanner (this one sucks, never use it)
2 vidi-amiga cards (1 in b/w and 1 in colour) (never used it)
about 12 joysticks...
6 mouses (inlcuding 2 trackballs)
too many cables, kickrom switches, etc.. (all in one big garbage bag...)

All is conneted in a network, my laptop (P2 500 mhz 128MB ram) is connected to my desktop PC with a Lan Cable, the desktop PC (P2 500 mhz 328 MB ram) is connected with my 2 GB Amiga through a serial cable (Amiga Explorer) and this Amiga is connected again with my other Amiga through a parallel cable (ParNet).

Oh... Almost forgot: also got an A500, which I never use...
Oh... also got an Atari ST 520 which I don't use too..
Oh... also got an old 486 PC which I also don't use anymore...

But all these non-used hardware is ready for use, it's connected etc, stands pretty well in my room...

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