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Originally Posted by Jimbo
Anyway im pretty sure theres an Amiga Emulator for XBOX1, is there such a thing for the XBOX 360? its been out a while now but I cant seem to find any info of any kind.
Nope, and you probably won't find any emulators or other tings apart from XNA. And xna costs you at least $50. Xna is a bit lite Amos for the 360, but you can't share binary files, only source code and you can't access storage units. A better analogy would probably be javascript, but amos sounds better here

The 360 has a very tight security system where the whole console is locked down by digitally signing pretty much everything. Even the boot code is stored inside the CPU. So sofar no credible source running unsigned (real homebew) code has been shown, and is not likely to be.

The 360 DVDrom-bios hack out now allows you to boot signed code from a writable media, ie clone games. But it's still just signed code/piracy, not homebrew
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