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WOW..... a single passion has come a long way.....

well done to the pure determination of dennis me thinks...

I would love to see and have a hand-held such as a mini-mig it would be awsome...

It concerns me that Amiga Inc might try and steal it in a leagle row some how, or try and hold it up arguing kickstarts etc, but since not even amiga inc. know whom really owns them its a bit of a grey area at best.

by GPL open-sourcing the code and optimizations this will open the platform a lot, reduce the coding-work for dennis but on the flip side he would need to be keeping a tight reign on official update releases instead of letting it go completely crazy with gary v2.1 and paula v1.9 beta not working together...

by forcing a strict official release policy it will improve the mini mig platform a whole lot reducing the nightmare of conflict possibilites.

this doesn`t stop those making thier own home-brew though wich i tihnk is awsome cool...

either way....

Way To Go Dennis!!!!!!
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