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Most of the best Saturn games never saw western shores.... Grab yourself a 5-in-1 cart and get:

* Any SNK or Capcom fighter, the ones that use the RAM expansion. =D

* Tokimeki Memorial - The Saturn ver and PSX ver have different features

* Dragon Force II - The awesome sequel to the great game that Working Designs butchered for the U.S..

* Langrisser Millenium - Boxset of Langrisser 1-5, great strategy sim

* Farland Story/Saga - All of them great games

* Black Matrix - First in an awesome series. Black Matrix/AD for DC is a remake that is better in some ways, worse in others. Also remade on PS as Black Matrix Cross, also has ups and downs.

* Radiant Silvergun - Great shooter, everyone knows it.

* Mobile Suit Gundam: Giren's Ambition - Great strat sim. I prefer the Dreamcast version but this version is also good.

* Yu-No: The Girl who Cries Love at the Bounds of the World - One of the best plots in a game ever. Saturn ver has nudity removed vs. computer ver, but added voice acting.

* Shining Force III, parts 1 - 3: Ugly but AWESOME

* Atelier Marie - First Atelier game and a real classic. Fun alchemy!

* Code R - Racing and romance =D A great combination.

* Angelique series - Classic war and social strategy for girls who like to look at hot guys. =D

* Lunar series - Classic RPGs, including Lunar Magic School which never got a western release. Better on the Saturn than on the PSX, and no bad Working Designs writing!

* Sakura Taisen series - Although I'd rather play the Dreamcast versions.

* Dungeons&Dragons Collection - Better than Golden Axe!

* Idol Janshi Suchi Pai series - Most fun mahjong games ever made with catchy music and fun characters. Gameplay is *not* for serious mahjong players though, as the computer cheats and you have to compensate by using special attacks. The first game in the series came in two versions, one of which is censored. Sequels and adventure game are all censored but still loads of fun!

* Thunder Force series - More great shooters!

* Assault Suits Leynos 2 - The sequel to the BEST Megadrive platform/shooter made! The sequel is sadly short in comparison, but the gameplay is even more incredible!

* Grandia - Better than the PSX version, and the mini-sequel Grandia Digital Museum is available too!

* Shin Megami Tensei Devil Summoner, and Devil Summoner Soul Hackers - Two of the best MegaTen spinoffs. The third in the series (which plays nothing like the first two) came out last year for the PS2.

OK that's enough games for now, but the other thing I should mention is....

* Segata Sanshirou Shinkenyugi!!! a game about the awesomest video game system mascot EVER. SEGATA SANSHIRO

Segata Sanshiro understands that the true meaning of life is to bravely and purely play the Sega Saturn. To further this, he *BEATS THE CRAP OUT OF* anyone he encounters who is wasting time doing other things! Kids go off to play baseball? He BEATS THE CRAP OUT OF THEM. People dancing in a club frivolously? He BEATS THE CRAP OUT OF THEM. Mario has *NOTHING* on this guy. After he's done beating you to a bloody pulp, he leaves behind a Sega Saturn so you can proceed on the one true path of life!

Wikipedia article -

Beating the crap out of clubbers - [ Show youtube player ]

Beating the crap out of baseball kids - [ Show youtube player ]

Music video of his life and exploits - [ Show youtube player ]

Same music vid, worse video quality, but with subtitles - [ Show youtube player ]

Segata Sanshiro DIES saving Sega so they can kill off the Saturn and release the Dreamcast =( - [ Show youtube player ]

The Saturn was *way* better promoted in Japan, which is why it was a success there and a failure everywhere else.

Honestly I wish we'd had an Amiga mascot as badass as Sanshiro. Zool just didn't cut it.
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