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Minimig core open source release coming soon

Stay tuned..

Originally Posted by Dennis: "There are now 4 working Minimig boards. The first one is here on my desk and the other three have gone to colleauges and friends. One of them is currently integrating his Minimig inside a small case complete with 5.4" TFT and stereo speakers. It looks almost like a portable (although it has no power and needs external mouse/keyboard/joystick)!

On the core front much has been done too, the OSD display is finally working. It allows the user to select/eject a floppy in DF0: and to reset the Amiga. The OSD works much like a nokia display from the PIC microcontroller point of view. The resolution is 128*64 pixels. (8 lines of 21 characters).
Also, keyboard support has been fully debugged and optimized. The whole PS2 keyboard interface now fits into 49 slices and one blockram. This includes LED support, keyboard reset and OSD control.

This pretty much means that I've completed my initial goal, recreate a console-like A500 to play games on my TV. But, as with all projects of this complexity it is not finished. There are still some features missing and some bugs remaining. To completely fix this will probably take me years. So, all things considering I think the core is ready for an open-source release. I only need to figure out the proper method for releasing the core. Aminet? Own website? GPL? Any thoughts?

Anyway, the current state of the core is this:

Synthesis report:

Selected Device : 3s400pq208-4

Number of Slices: 2682 out of 3584 74%
Number of Slice Flip Flops: 3122 out of 7168 43%
Number of 4 input LUTs: 4337 out of 7168 60%
Number of bonded IOBs: 134 out of 141 95%
Number of BRAMs: 12 out of 16 75%
Number of MULT18X18s: 2 out of 16 12%
Number of GCLKs: 3 out of 8 37%
Number of DCMs: 1 out of 4 25%

This includes the following:

Agnus (1038 slices with a LOT of room for optimisation)
Paula (including floppy replacement)
ciaA/ciaB equivalent
Amber-equivalent (scandoubler only)
PS2 mouse emulation
PS2 keyboard emulation
Automatic 2nd joystick/mouse switch.
Overlayed OSD generator

Missing from the core is the following:
parallel port
floppy write support (should be simple)
harddisk/ide support

Still standing bugs:
some silly stuff with ddfstart/ddfstop
floppy incompatiblity with some trackloaders
some silly sprite timing issuse

That is it really. I will be attending the next meeting of the Commodore user group in Maarssen to demonstrate the new board and hope to meet some of you there!


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